Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jack is 8.5 months & Pearl is 2.5 years!

I feel so bad that I haven't updated at all about Jack. I always say I'm going to, but I never find the time. Being a working mom is challenging at times.

Dear Jack,
You are growing up way too fast. I think part of reason it is going by so fast is because I have been working since you were 2.5 months old. I can't believe you will be one in 3 months! You are the cutest, sweetest boy. I'm so grateful that God gave you to me. I'm going to try to recall some of your milestones (and I'm sorry I didn't take the time to write them down).
Crawled at 7 months
Tasted food at 5 months
Said dada first around 6 months, and said mama shortly after
Got a tooth at 6 months
We just started you on (some) table foods last week. Because you get so mad when we eat in front of you, and some times refuse baby food. I want your top teeth to come in before we move completely to table foods. You've been pulling up and standing the last couple weeks. I think you'll be walking pretty soon! You think your sister is the funniest thing in the world. You just adore her. You need lots of lovin' and attention lately. Oh you can clap and do patty cake! We will be getting you baptized soon! Things have just taken a little longer. You are definitely more of a risk taker than your sister was. You like to climb on everything, and put anything you can find into your mouth. You hate getting your diaper/clothes changed. You have the cutest laugh. I love it.

My Pearl,
You are so crazy! But you can also be the sweetest thing. You are getting so smart. You amaze me daily. Most of the time you are good with Jack, but you have your moments. You enjoy making him laugh, and giving him kisses goodnight. You can count to 20, and you talk so much. I love your hugs and kisses. You started saying "soo pretty". You are using your imagination, and love to play in your play kitchen. When you toot you laugh. I want to laugh too, but I keep a serious face and ask you "what do you say?" "S'cue me" for as many times as you tooted. You're the best! I hate that I don't always have patience with you. I love making you happy, and having fun with you. I love watching you grow. You're changing so much, so fast and I can't believe it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

(Finally) A Pearl & Jack Update!

Pearl is officially two years old (26 months)! I think she is pretty amazing for a two year old. She changes and discovers new things daily. It's hard to keep up! Here are a few things...
-she knows her ABCs
-can count to 10
-can recognize letters and numbers 
-starting to say two word sentences 
-laughs when things are funny 
-can be stubborn! 
-gives hugs, kisses and high fives 
-helps buckle her carseat 
-tries to help with dishes
-brushes her teeth
-takes her shoes off
-tries to put on/take off clothes
-is scared of things, but can still be daring
-likes to shout
-loves to eat 
-doesn't like her hair washed
And so much more...
Here are a couple updates I wrote down:
7/11/14 pearl waved hi for the first time to cory
You started signing a song in the bathroom. I can't tell if you made the song up or if it's something you have heard before. It's adorable though!

Jack is four and a half months old! It has gone by way too fast. I think part if the reason is because I started working when he was two months old. 😔 So I guess I'll try to start with his birth and update until now! 
Jack was born May 30, 2014 at 10:42pm. He weighed 8lbs 4oz and was 19.5 in long. I labored for about 14 hours and pushed for five minutes. Sooo different than Pearl's! Except he decided he didn't want to breathe at first either! So that was a little scary, but they were great and had him breathing right away. He was so beautiful and my heart was instantly filled more than I could ever imagine. We stayed in the hospital for two nights and Pearl stayed in a hotel with my parents so that she could
Come visit. His first night he kept me up ALL night. He wouldn't let me lay him down. I remember him smiling at only a few days old and laughing pretty early too. I was able to nurse him for about three months. He started sleeping pretty good after a month or so. Now he wakes up once a night for a bottle and goes right back to sleep. Oh yeah! Right when they laid him on my chest he tried to pick his head up to look at me. So he's had a strong neck from day one. Jack rolled over for the first time on September 12th and hasn't stopped! It seems like he's already trying to crawl. He started teething at three months (like Pearl did). He's been trying to hold his bottle lately, my little muscle man! At his four month check up he was 17.5 lbs. Something's I took a note of:
My favorite things...
Fur on his cheeks, wrinkly head like a puppy dog, his soft sweet cry, dinosaur noises.
7/11/14 Jack started making noises a few days ago. 

Pearl & Jack
It's been (mostly) good so far! The first time Pearl met Jack (the morning after he was born), she hasn't had a nap so she ended up getting upset. My parents took her to the hotel, she took a nap, came back and was so sweet! We have video. She's always been nice to him. The first couple months, every once in a while, she'd have a meltdown about little things. She's so sweet to him though and gentle too! She gives him kisses and every once in a while we catch her sitting by him or trying to rock him in his bouncer. She sometimes get worried when he cries, so she'll try to give him his pacifier. Sometimes she'll try to help hold his bottle while I feed him. When I change his diaper, and she's around, I'll ask her to throw it away, and she does it no problem! Jack just adores her! He loves to just stare at her. He loves when she plays patty cake with his feet. They are just so cute together! 

Things are going pretty good. I'm so in love with my little family. I thank God every night for blessing me with them. 
It really does go by too fast! 

Dad's first morning with the kids^