Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our baby isn't a baby anymore

My precious Pearl is 10.5 months old! It really has gone by incredibly fast. I've found myself starting to forget her milestones so I tried to write them all down last month. I'm so sad that I cannot remember every little and amazing thing she does.
Pearl has always been quite the character, but it is starting to show more and more. Which is why I have decided to drop everything and sit down and write this blog. (I'm sure there will be many pauses between Pearl and my HUSBAND, eek, husband!)
Where to begin...
I'll try to start from my last Pearl update.
At 7 months old she started her first foods. Her first food was avocado. She still loves it three months later.
At 8 months she started finger foods, because she kept grabbing the spoon from me when I fed her baby food. She also started pulling herself up around this time. I remember the first time I saw it. We were in the room. Pearl was in her playpen and we were in the bed. I looked over and she was doing it. I told Cory to "look!"
At 9 months she got her first tooth! A few days later, a second tooth started coming through. Around this time she started walking around using furniture.
The reason I really wanted to write this was to share with you just a little bit about her personality. I'll do that in a letter to Pearl.

My sweet Pearl,
      You are growing up too fast! You are becoming independent and outspoken. Pearl, you came into the world fighting and you haven't stopped. You're going to be a strong girl. As much as I'm scared for you to grow up, I'm excited at the same time. Your personality is showing more and more everyday.
      Lately, you've been very clingy. I'm not sure if its because you're teething or if its just a phase you're going through. You want "mamama" most days. You do love your "dadada" time though. A few weeks ago you were about to stick a cotton ball in your mouth and I shouted "no" at you. You started crying and it broke my heart. You are starting to understand the word "no" and you're understanding how to use it (a fear of mine). You have the best sense of humor. You've always had a sense of humor, but I can definitely see it now. You crack me up.
       You've began to really observe things. You don't just pick up things and shove them in your mouth. You look them over, pass them between your hands and I can see the little gears working in your head. You want to figure everything out. I think you are very smart for a 10 month old.
       Bath time has become a bit difficult. You like to stand up and that isn't safe. Also, when I rinse you off you get kind of scared and sometimes cry. I hope that passes, because you've always loved your baths. You love the pool. We took you for your first swim about a month ago. I enjoy our pool time.
       Eating is becoming tricky with you. I think you're starting to become picky (another fear). I'm going to try harder to widen your pallet. You love your toast though!
       Everyday I notice more and more that you are becoming a little girl. You don't always need me, but I enjoy when you do. I'm excited to watch you grow up because I know you're only going to become more and more fun. You'll always be my baby though.
       You have become quite the little dancer! It's so cute. You shake your hips like a pro. Your famous move is circling around in your butt! Oh yeah, you're starting to climb too! And you've let go, while standing, a few times.

I love you so much Pearl Sullivan. My baby girl.

         Your Mamama

Ps How could I forget! You sleep in crazy positions. It's the cutest thing. You throw yourself and circle around your playpen until you just pass out. Also, we love waking up to you babbling and peeking over your playpen at us.

So I'm going to try to do Pearl updates at least monthly! Too much is happening to not do it.
Eventually, I'll do a wedding post!
Like I tell Pearl, "be gentle." Until next time!


I'll leave you with some photos.
Well, maybe later because I guess I can't add them from my iPad :(

Thursday, June 6, 2013

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