Monday, May 26, 2014

Jack will be here soon.

First, a letter to my first born, my special girl, Pearl.

My Dearest Pearl,
You're baby brother will be here any day now. You're going to be a big sister! I know you're going to be the best big sister. I sometimes get sad for you, because you're not even two yet and soon you won't be getting all of our attention. You will always be my baby though. Even when you're a teenager and you'd rather hang out with your friends... you'll be my baby. I think there's something very special about being the first born. You definitely are something special. 
I am so excited that your dad and I are able to provide you with a friend for life though! You two are going to be great together. Having brothers has been pretty great (and sometimes challenging) for me! He will be your protector for life and you'll be his comforter for life. I'm looking forward to watching you two grow together. 
I prayed for a girl first. My prayers were answered better than I could have imagined. You are everything I've ever wanted and more. I love spending every day with you. I pray we will always be close. 
You are one one of the coolest and most amazing little girls I've ever met. I know you're life is going to be beautiful and filled with happiness. You're going to do great things. You bring joy to so many people and I have a feeling that will continue as you get older. 
I love you so much my little porcelain doll. I could not have asked for anything more in a baby girl. Always, always remember, I love you with everything in me. You are my sunshine. 
Love, Momma

It's so hard to keep track of everything new Pearl is doing. It seems like she learns so much with each new day! Which makes me one proud momma. So here are some of my favorites:
-saying hi to everyone in the store (people don't always say hi back)
-this new little laugh she does every once in a while. It's the cutest.
-dinosaur "roar"
-"reading" to herself 
-wiping her feet at the door and taking her sandals off inside
-the joy she gets out of the littlest things 
-she says "eww!" 
-she's starting to imitate a lot of things we do and say. It's cute, but we need to be careful! Haha
-she loves to be in the pool! Which is so scary, but I'm happy she isn't scared. 
-she has recently started to get a little scared when I turn the vacuum on. When I turn it off she will go up and talk to it haha.

She's learned a lot of new words, but you have to know her to understand them haha. She has also learned new animal sounds. She can blow a kiss and give hugs. And so much more!
This is a very fun (and sometimes frustrating) age! 

Now on to Jack...
Baby Jack,
You will be here soon! Today is your due date and I went to the doctor. She swept my membrane, so any day now! We can't wait to meet you. I especially can't wait for you to meet your big sister. You guys are going to love each other so much! I'm nervous for your arrival, only because of how your sister's arrival. Everything will be fine though and I'll be holding you soon enough! Having a boy is going to be so different. I'm excited to experience it! You're sister can be pretty loud, so maybe you'll be on the quieter side. You'll be perfect no matter what. Do us a favor and get here safely! Can't wait to meet you. I already love you baby boy. 
Love, Momma

Here are some photos from the past month: