Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is Pearl. She is my favorite thing in the world. Pearl was born last August. I was in labor for 42 hours. When Pearl was born she wasn't breathing and once the doctors were able to get her breathing they discovered other complications. Pearl was in the NICU for 8 days. My fiancé and I stayed nearby at the Ronald McDonald house. Although it was stressful, that week ended up being a sort of blessing. Not only did it bring us closer to one another, but it helped us ease into our new world of parenthood.
Pearl is amazing! So young and already full of character. I can't wait to share each new discovery with you all. I'm sure you parents know that children are growing and changing everyday. It's amazing.
As much as I love my precious Pearl... I eventually want to start sharing recipes and cleaning remedies too! And on occasion I might mention wedding details. We are hoping to get married this year and continue to grow our family.
I hope you will continue reading. I also hope my experiences can help you... or at least give you a good laugh.