Thursday, April 24, 2014

Monthly update & Easter 2014

Pearl is about a week shy of 21 months. She's discovered so much just in the past month! It amazes me and makes me wish I had been better at blogging her first year.
One of the biggest things I noticed is her laugh changed! She's had the same laugh since, well, since she could laugh! Last week I noticed her laugh changed though! She really isn't a baby anymore and becoming more of a toddler everyday.
Pearl has learned some new words: princess, spoon, cheese (for her favorite snack & the camera), uncle, cookie (for Cookie Monster & the snack), don't and stop (which is not fun for us).
Pearl has learned new animal sounds too! I can't remember what I have written down last, but I know she's learned new ones. She can make noises for: monkey, chick (my new favorite), snake, wolf, pig (heavy breathing), rooster (which is hilarious), sheep (sounds like she laughing), cat, dog and cow. She also says "jump jump" if you ask her about a kangaroo, frog or bunny rabbit. I need to record all of this on camera! Our computer still isn't working though. :(
She's knows who mama, dada, and Pearl are. However, she won't say the words, but point instead. I don't think she likes to be told to say and do things. Stubborn little girl! ;)
She can do her wood puzzles by herself now. She can do a lot by herself now, it's hard to keep up! It's like one day she can't do something and the next she's doing it like nothing. Her brain is definitely growing fast right now! So I need to step up my mommy game and teach her more.
I really love this stage. Don't get me wrong, it's incredibly hard (especially being 8 months pregnant). She's so much fun though and has such a sense of humor! I also like it because she still relies on me for a lot and she can't say too many words yet. It sounds crazy probably. But it's like she's still my little baby, just crazier and funnier. I know it'll only get more fun though!
Pearl you're the best and I can't wait for all of our future adventures!

I am 35 weeks pregnant, but feel like 42 weeks! I'm carrying a big ol boy. I have an appointment on Monday and we should be getting his approximate weight. I'm working on a birth plan (with a whole lot of detail). I just worry so much because of how Pearl's birth went. Also, I need to start walking and doing some kind of yoga. I need to prepare my body, unlike with my last pregnancy. You learn so much more the second time around. Baby boy had me worried the past couple days because his movements slowed down. He usually goes crazy to where I'm saying "ow". He's back at it today though! I also had a scare about two weeks ago. I had a sharp pain in my lower left abdomen for about five days. I called the doctor twice, they asked questions and based on my answers they weren't worried. It went away and I've been pretty much fine since. I'm tired all of the time though and I feel like a bum. Just praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby! Also, I've been sad about leaving Pearl while her brother enters the world. So any advice on that would be appreciated! I need to figure something out.
The baby shower is a little over a week away and we still have lots to do! I'm excited though. I'm definitely excited to meet this wiggle worm in my tummy. Also, nervous about having a newborn and toddler! Not just handling them, but all of the worrying that comes with being a parent too.
That's pretty much it! Or all I can think of right now.

Easter was a long, but good day. I stayed up late the night before preparing baskets and whatnot. We woke up early Sunday morning to go to mass. Pearl did pretty good in mass. It's always helpful when Cory comes with us! After mass, we went to breakfast with my parents. We then headed home to rest up for the rest of the day! Pearl didn't fall asleep right away though. So she only got about an hour nap. We headed to the park at 1 for the Easter egg hunt. X joined us and helped Pearl hunt for eggs. They got one egg, woo! Way too many kids/parents, not enough eggs. After the egg hunt we wasted a little time until my side of the family's BBQ at the park. Pearl had so much fun running around in the grass. She was nonstop (for the two hours we were there). She loves the older kids! She just laughs and laughs at them. But even if no one was playing with her she'd be running around by herself. She's so full of life, I love it! After the park we headed to Cory's side of the family's party. Luckily it was indoors! Pearl had a lot of fun there too and she was still nonstop!
It's always nice to get together with our families. This was the first holiday without my grandpa and with Cory's grandma being sick. So it wasn't the same and wasn't easy, but I'm grateful we are able to do it. We both have amazing families.

Sorry for my lack of writing skills and poor grammar! I don't usually retread these before I post, so I'm sure there are plenty of errors. Thanks for reading!
I did this from my iPad and something went wrong with the pictures...

Pictures from the past month:
Pearl selfie 
Painting an Easter bunny
Pearl's eggs on the left. Mom's eggs on the right. She's an artist! 
6:30 am. Too early for this? 


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