Thursday, April 4, 2013

Crawling, a little bit of Easter and wedding planning. Oh and PEARL IS 8MO!

Pearl is officially a crawler! It has been so amazing to watch her learn to crawl. Just watching her grow and develop in general is a blessing. Sometimes I have to sit back and remember how lucky I am. Pearl has been trying to crawl for about a week. On Easter Sunday she finally got it down.

Pearl's first Easter was wonderful! The Easter Bunny brought Pearl and Daddy Easter baskets. I guess he forgot about Momma :( We went to church and later that day had a big family BBQ at the park. It's so nice when our whole family gets together. Everyone is getting older and living their own lives. So i truly value the times we all get together. Pearl is so lucky to have so many people love and adore her. We are beyond lucky to have her in our lives! (The pictures aren't in order. I'm still trying to figure this out.)

Pearl & Julia. Julia is 6 weeks older.

Our little family after Easter Mass.

My parents and Pearl.

A successful first Easter!

Wedding planning is coming along! Yesterday, my mom, aunt, Pearl and I did a little decoration shopping. We are planning a wedding crafting get together on April 22nd. I will post a blog about the things we will be making, also, more wedding details sometime next week.

Finally, Pearl turned 8 months old yesterday! It is crazy and unfair how fast time flies. Everyone tells you how fast it goes by and it really does. The first year goes by especially fast. I think it's because they are growing and developing so much within the first year. It seems like just yesterday we were visiting our newborn in the NICU after she gave us a big scare. I am so blessed to be Pearl's mother and to have such a wonderful papa bear/future husband.

I will try to do a few different blogs next week. Each blog with a different subject. It's rough to juggle my time as a mom. Also, eventually I hope to get better at this blogging thing. We will be getting a much better camera within the next few months. So please bare with me. If you are reading this then thank you!
8 month old Pearl. She thinks she can do everything on her own. Growing too fast!

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